Workers’ Compensation Cannabis Class Code Roulette

Determining the proper classification for cannabis businesses is not one you want to take a gamble on.  If you bet on a specific class code and it isn’t accurate, your client could suffer significant premium penalties at the time of an audit or worse – costly coverage gaps. Risk Innovations has a winning Workers’ Compensation [...]

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How To Cultivate Your Budding Cannabis Clients

It’s challenging to keep up with the ever-evolving commercial insurance needs of the cannabis industry.  Laws are changing – new business types and applications are entering the marketplace – classifications have blurry lines - and insurance coverage needs are a moving target. We have a few important tips for insurance professionals that are working [...]

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Bouncing Back: Why Your Client Needs A Return To Work Program

Return to work programs are critical for protecting businesses from exposure and ensuring a clear path forward for injured workers. Without a Return to Work (RTW) program, your client risks major expenses from compensation claims as well as the loss of talented team members. What is a Return to Work program? After an injury, [...]

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What You Didn’t Know About Hail Damage and Insurance

Hail damage is a significant risk to homes, autos, and other property owned by your clients. Like other forms of weather damage, it is typically covered in some way by a homeowner's insurance policy. The application of coverage varies depending on the state and nature of the policy. Agents should carefully check the policies of [...]

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Team Safe In Hot Outdoor Conditions

Each year, thousands of workers experience injury and illness caused by high temperatures and sun exposure. While some cases are minor, heat rashes and strokes can represent a major health risk for outdoor workers. Agents should advise their clients to seriously consider the risks posed by dehydration, skin damage, and overheating, especially for those working [...]

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AB 5, the ABC Test, and What They Mean For California Businesses

On July 1, 2020, the workers comp and payroll obligations of California Assembly Bill 5 (CA AB 5) will come into effect. Here's what you need to know: 1- What is AB 5 and what is its purpose? AB 5 was signed into law by the CA governor in September 2019 and goes into effect [...]

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6 Marketplace Trends Impacting the Surplus Lines Homeowners Market

2020 is changing the landscape of the insurance world, and the effects of this shift are most obvious in the hardening market conditions for surplus lines property & casualty, as well as personal lines coverage. The cause of this shift is complex, and while a small part has been influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, there's [...]

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Six Ways Leaders Promote Workplace Safety

According to a 2018 report from Liberty Mutual, businesses pay billions in direct costs every year due to workplace injuries. When it comes to safety compliance, your team follows your lead. As a leader, you must stress safety in words and action. An effective workplace safety strategy succeeds when it includes the following 6 [...]

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The Case of the Diamond Necklace: Homeowners Insurance vs Valuable Articles Policy

Picture this: Your client is getting ready for a big night out, and has the perfect diamond necklace to go with their outfit. But when they look for it, it's nowhere to be found! This valuable jewelry is gone without a trace. It's a bad situation, and it's all too common. Who do they [...]

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Important Coverages for Motor Carriers using Owner-Operators

The transportation industry is seeing an increased number of companies leasing their vehicles to owner-operators for expense savings. However, owner-operators create an inherent risk for these companies because their injuries and accidents are not covered by Workers’ Compensation like they would be as a full-time employee. The only way for independent contractors and motor [...]

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