Company leaders are now faced with how to best respond to the recent announcement from the Biden administration requiring companies with more than 100 employees to require vaccines or adhere to regular testing policies across their workforce. Many Workers’ Compensation carriers and business leaders are finding it tricky to settle on the right approach to ensuring workforce safety in the midst of heated debates about COVID-19 prevention and recovery policies.

While the goal is to prevent the spread of COVID, these mandates could lead to serious gaps in the workforce (as in the latest Southwest Airlines flight cancellations) and impact companies’ profitability if employees are fired for non-compliance or they choose to quit. Experts are now weighing in saying better education around vaccines and collaborative policy-making that take into consideration individual company needs are a better approach to addressing vaccine-hesitancy than blanket mandates. 

For Workers Compensation claims managers, education is important in a different way. They’re mostly focused on how to best support employees who are fighting a COVID infection or are in recovery. In these situations, employees need to understand the appropriate measures for protecting those around them, the available treatment options, and how best to manage recovery care—which can vary greatly depending on the severity of their illness and the presence of long-COVID symptoms. 

In either situation, education is key to staying ahead of potential employee hesitancy, pushback, and noncompliance. Read more here

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