At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a lot of uncertainty regarding how the COVID-19 virus would impact the Workers’ Compensation industry. Many were concerned that it would negatively affect claims causing them to surge – particularly those within the healthcare industry. The data from 2020 on COVID and Workers’ Compensation claims, though, paints a different picture. When factoring in COVID-19-related claims, the overall claim frequency was relatively unchanged in 2020. However, the annual change is -6.8 percent when those claims are excluded. 

After roughly four years of annual increases in country-wide average claim severity, the NCCI saw decreases in Accident Year (AY) 2020. Additionally, the industry saw a 21 percent increase in the frequency of small claims, which amount to less than $5,000. These claims accounted for approximately 25 percent of all AY 2020 claims and almost 90 percent of COVID-19-related claims. Read this article to get a closer look at the changes in Workers’ Compensation claim frequency and severity across industries.

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