How Employee Age Impacts Workers Compensation Utilization

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of people ages 55 and older in the workforce will reach 24.9% in 2024 – up from 11.9% in 1994. Prompting this uptick in working Boomers are two factors: They can’t receive full Social Security retirement benefits yet. The recession drained their retirement savings accounts. As [...]

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The Value of Working with a Specialized Workers’ Compensation Carrier

The third quarter of 2018 saw an increase in premium renewal rates across nearly all lines of commercial business, except for workers’ compensation.  We are still operating in a softer market and commercial carriers are willing to package the workers’ comp with other lines of business.  Just because they will doesn’t mean that they [...]

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Why You Need Risk Innovations

Your customers work hard to build their personal and professional assets.  Protecting them from losses and providing customized insurance solutions is your number one priority – which is not always easy to do.  Claims issues happen, tough classes of business exist, and difficult geographic areas provide a challenge.  This is why Risk Innovations exists [...]

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