Don’t Let Your Clients Sink In The Pool!

Don’t Let Your Clients Sink in the Pool! Let’s face it. There are a lot of DIFFICULT Workers' Compensation accounts out there – new ventures, coverage lapses, high experience mods, high-risk industries, etc.  I travel all over the country to foster relationships with our agency partners as my job.  I consistently hear from agents, [...]

New Year’s Resolutions

  Why Using Risk Innovations Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution A New Year's resolution is defined as a tradition in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement. This should apply to your insurance agency as well.  What are some ways that you could help improve your work flow [...]

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Expand Your Markets & Boost Your Agency Premium By Optimizing Your Wholesale Broker Partnership

Frequently agencies have clients that require coverages that their in-house carriers cannot offer. And to compound things, oftentimes there’s a very short timeframe in which to find solutions. Who do you contact to help? Can they place this line of business? Can they get this done? Now? Finding and working with the proper wholesale broker [...]

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