Top 5…Wait, 6 Ways To Survive “Snowpocalypse: The Return”

From Bruce Peddle, our Canadian Snow Bird in Hotlanta, comes a new Blog post, just in time for the the Southeast’s first winter storm of 2017. Here are the top 5 ways (and a bonus) to survive the #Snowpocalypse! 1.    Start with a shovel – not salt. It won’t kill you to sweat a [...]

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“Insure” your Canadian citizenship: 10 Tips on How to Be Canadian

TOP 10 WAYS TO "INSURE" YOU BECOME CANADIAN EH…[THOUGHTS FROM A CANUCK INSURANCE GEEK IN THE DEEP SOUTH] Election got you down eh? Well let me fill ya in on a few tricks that’ll help ya get yerself the frozen ticket and become a true Canadian. 1. First things first eh……. you gotta dump [...]

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