Flying Car


For all you fellow “Road-Warriors” out there…if you are like me, you spend a lot of time behind the windshield during the week.  Even if you have the radio blaring, you are jamming to your favorite playlist on your phone, or checking emails (shame on you if you are!), the mind always tends to wander—that is bad and good.  I tend to find my mind doing a lot of “what if”, “who thought of”, and “why” thinking.  I wonder how many of you can relate to these thoughts?


“Oh boy…there’s a dead skunk in the road, I need to hit the re-circulate button for the air—darn.  Too late.  Why do skunks have to smell so bad—seriously?”

“Who thought of Bluetooth?  Wow, what a great invention. And if I get too lonely, I just have a conversation with Siri!”

“Why couldn’t I have been smart enough to start a business repairing guard rails? I wonder if the person that ran into it was injured, and if they were covered by their workers’ compensation insurance?”

“What if car travel could be like it was in The Jetsons cartoons? I sure would not want it to be like it was in The Flintstones cartoons, though!”

“Look at that cute little old house. What if someone turned that into an air bed and breakfast?  Risk Innovations could help their insurance agent get it insured, for sure!”

Small Cottage Home

“Look how much the lottery is up to now…what if I won?  Heck, one thing for sure is I would not be in this car on the road wondering that!”

“What if insurance agents and companies had a crystal ball and could predict that this idiot tailgating me is going to run into me or not?  Well, at least I have my tail-end covered by workers’ compensation!”

“Why did that person put all of those bumper stickers on their BMW?”

“Look at that nice septic tank pumper truck.  Who thought that such a crappy business would provide such a nice truck?”

“Why did that person build that $2-million-dollar house in the middle of nowhere?  Risk Innovations could write that puppy with one of our high value homeowner markets…and I bet they have some nice jewelry we could write on a Personal Article Floater!”

“WHY did I drink so much coffee..?!”

Too Much Coffee


Next time you “Road-Warriors” hit the highway to go see your clients, be sure to take note of your wandering thoughts, and feel free to add them to the comments section as I am 100% certain I am not the only one on the road doing this. I can tell by looking at you all!!

By: Joe Cox, Territory Manager – IL