blonde with surprised look on her face, in the snow.

From Bruce Peddle, our Canadian Snow Bird in Hotlanta, comes a new Blog post, just in time for the the Southeast’s first winter storm of 2017. Here are the top 5 ways (and a bonus) to survive the #Snowpocalypse!

1.    Start with a shovel – not salt. It won’t kill you to sweat a little especially after the holidays! Admit it, you’re sweating just thinking about it.
2.    You summer tires won’t work. Do yourself (and the rest of us) a favor and leave your Bimmer (SUV or otherwise) in the heated garage.
3.    Back to salt, it melts ice. Yes, even table salt. Use it on your walk and drive ways!
4.    It’ll be sunny and 50 in 24 hours. No need to buy all the milk, bread, and water within the county.  Look in your pantry – there’s a month’s supply of almost everything!
5.    Now ya’ll – NEVER make the mistake of running out of your favorite booze! #4 does not apply to alcohol!
6.    Play in it – it’ll be gone in 24. Your kids will never forget it, and neither will you!

Enjoy your little piece of Canadian gold! But in the event you run afoul of this wintry visitor, click here for our Personal Lines claims information.


By: Bruce Peddle
(Resident Canuck & Managing Partner, Risk Innovations, LLC)