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Don’t Let Your Clients Sink in the Pool!

Let’s face it. There are a lot of DIFFICULT Workers’ Compensation accounts out there – new ventures, coverage lapses, high experience mods, high-risk industries, etc.  I travel all over the country to foster relationships with our agency partners as my job.  I consistently hear from agents, “Unfortunately I had to take my client’s tough risk to the Assigned Risk (i.e. The Pool) because I didn’t have a standard market that would take it.” It’s nothing but complaints from there – the Assigned Risk has terrible turnaround time, slow processing, poor claims handling, and very limited options.

There is great news in all of this. Risk Innovations is in business 100% to alleviate those pain points. There is a middle ground between a packaged commercial option and the Assigned Risk – it’s RISK INNOVATIONS.

Here are a few reasons why you should give us a shot with your next difficult Workers’ Comp account before taking it to the state plan:

  • We have 30+ monoline Workers’ Comp markets we can shop it with
  • Our markets have monthly self-reporting options – which usually means a deposit of 15%
  • High mods are our friend – we wrote a 2.36 this year – you won’t scare us away
  • Tough class codes are no problem – home healthcare, steel erection, roofing, trucking, agriculture, chemical blending; all of it
  • New ventures and coverage lapses  – we got you covered
  • Carriers with industry leading claims handling practices and loss control services
  • Our underwriters respond quickly and have the expertise on WC and our markets

The next time you’re sitting on a tough account and dreading sending it to the Assigned Risk, remember Risk Innovations. WE WANT YOUR DIFFICULT ACCOUNTS! IT’S WHAT WE DO!

P.S. Your Workers’ Comp accounts don’t have to be heading to the Assigned Risk – we also have ALL the markets you need when the competition gets tough!  Let Risk Innovations shop it and find you the best option! Don’t take my word for it – CALL US TODAY!

-Kathryn Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing