Please join us in congratulating Lin Sun (WC Account Manager) for successfully completing the Certified Authority on Workers’ Compensation designation.  The program offers a unique perspective on workers’ compensation, combining business acumen with other key subject areas for an innovative learning experience.  The CAWC designation has been specifically created for agents and producers to broaden their knowledge and strengthen the skills needed to successfully sell the benefits of workers’ compensation. Topics covered in the class include:

  • Various aspects of the modification factor
  • Top six ways to help a customer lower their mod
  • Impact reserves have on clients
  • How to build return-to-work programs and accident investigation processes with clients
  • Claims management techniques
  • Work comp classifications
  • Loss control techniques for workplace safety
  • Alternate work comp products to open up other selling opportunities

Earning the CAWC designation provides a competitive advantage for agents and producers by giving them the tools and knowledge necessary to win business, create client loyalty, and be viewed as an authority on workers’ compensation.

Way to go, Lin!