Protecting Your Clients During Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season, running from June-November, has already caused almost $15 billion in damages this year. A typical year would expect to see around a dozen named storms, six hurricanes, three qualifying as major hurricanes (category 3 and above). The 2020 season looks more extreme. Experts predict greater than 24 named storms, involving [...]

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Workers’ Compensation COVID-19 Claims Update

The White House is increasing pressure on insurance carriers to reevaluate what is considered a “covered loss” during the COVID-19 pandemic.  How a Workers’ Compensation carrier will take coverage definitions and respond to a COVID-19 claim is changing so quickly that what might not have been covered yesterday, may be covered today…or tomorrow.    [...]

The Importance of Creating a Personal Property Home Inventory

Could you recall every valuable item you have in your home if I blindfolded you right now? Think about every drawer, every closet, the garage, etc. Most of us could not, which is why a complete home inventory is so important. Having an inventory of your personal property is essential for both you and your [...]

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Don’t Get Hacked: Get Covered

You've been hacked! These are three words that we dread in our society of technology dependency.  In 2018, billions of people were affected by data breaches and cyberattacks. USA Reports that 765 million people were hacked in the months of April, May and June alone – with losses surpassing tens of millions of dollars. [...]

Does My Car Insurance Cover Uber/Lyft Exposure?

It’s summertime and you want to earn extra money for your upcoming family vacation or pay down some bills.  After researching several options, you decide that driving for Uber or Lyft works best.  You have the flexibility to schedule pick-ups when it’s convenient for you, the pay is decent, and you already have a [...]

The Importance of A Personal Articles Floater

A common misconception of homeowners is that all personal belongings are covered under their insurance policy.  Unfortunately, there are several capped coverages for the items people deem most important (think maximum jewelry limit of $5,000 in some cases).  A separate Personal Articles Floater (PAF) policy is critical to ensure your clients have the coverage [...]

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Difficult Homeowners Risks Just Got Easy!

Let’s face the facts:  Your clients are going to have homeowners’ claims.  They are going to buy that coastal secondary home in Florida or California and call you the day of closing for coverage.  They are going to rent out their seasonal home on AirBnB.  They are going to tell you there is a [...]

Sharing Economy Trends Pose New Concerns for Insurance Coverage Gaps

Over the last few years, an entirely new way to add to household income has entered the market place. It’s called the “sharing economy.” This is an exciting and profitable industry but far too often homeowners forget a crucial step: insurance. According to Forbes: “The sharing economy is currently worth about $26 billion and [...]

Why You Need Risk Innovations

Your customers work hard to build their personal and professional assets.  Protecting them from losses and providing customized insurance solutions is your number one priority – which is not always easy to do.  Claims issues happen, tough classes of business exist, and difficult geographic areas provide a challenge.  This is why Risk Innovations exists [...]

A Backpacker’s Guide To Insurance Marketing

  My trail name is Push. That name was given to me by my brother-in-law/hiking partner (Gopher) while on our 28th mile of the AT. For any of you who are wondering just what the hell I am talking about, the AT stands for Appalachian Trail, which most of you here in GA, SC, [...]

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