We’ve all heard stories about someone faking a workplace injury in the hopes of profiting from a Workers’ Comp pay-out.  But what happens when doctors, medical service providers, attorneys, and other professionals conspire to scam the Workers’ Comp system for millions of dollars?

Sentencing hearings were recently held in California for participants in a mega kickback scheme where the defendants operated several patient-recruitment businesses. Once they had their applicant for workers’ comp in place, that patient was referred through the corrupt system of doctors, attorneys, and other medical providers who had to “pay to play”. Money was exchanged at each step along the way. The defendant brokered the patient to maximize the profit that could be achieved with that person’s claim.

This scheme and related sentencing is highlighted in the recent article Participants in $200M California Workers’ Comp Scheme Sentenced published in Insurance Journal. Click here to read the full story.

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