Urge Your Legislators to oppose this bill forcing schools to join a single statewide insurance pool. 

This link goes directly to a copy of HB 2730. This bill was introduced last Thursday. It would require all school districts to join a single statewide pool for all their, P&C insurance, including Comp. It would also include life insurance. Our friends at KAIA had anticipated this might occur and had prepared certain documents in advance. In the links below, you will find talking points aimed at the recommendation in the Alvarez and Marsal (A&M) Efficiency report. The Efficiency report suggested the school districts join the KERMIP P&C pool. Although HB 2730 does not specifically name the KERMIP we believe, if the bill passes, an attempt may be made use the KERMIP as the statewide pool referred to in the bill. Regardless the talking points would apply to any mandatory pool. We have also attached articles that discuss serious problems that have occurred with the Oklahoma, Illinois and Kentucky pools and information critical of Alvarez and Marsal.

The KAIA is strenuously opposing this bill. We have asked all the Board, Governmental Affairs Committee and Consumer Technical Advocacy Committee members to submit written testimony opposing the bill. We are asking EMC to do likewise. In addition they want all members to contact their legislators and urge them to oppose this bill.  Please use the talking points attached below to urge your legislators to oppose this bill.

Below you will find links to allow you to identify your legislators, talking points and more information about state pool problems.   If you have any questions please contact me or any member of the KAIA staff. Thank you very much.

Important information provided by KAIA:

Talking points

Click here to read more about State Pool Problems


Thank you for your attention on this very important matter.

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