The impact of the pandemic prompted companies in all industries to transform their processes to incorporate more innovative technologies that increase operational efficiency and business continuity. These changes have since driven a digital transformation that’s been instrumental in accelerating and enhancing processes within the insurance industry. From improving the customer experience to streamlining operations, technology plays a vital role in simplifying workflows that were once made complex by legacy systems and environments. 

Insurers realize the benefits of incorporating new technology into their everyday processes. With customer demands and expectations changing, cybersecurity risk rising, and the need for more convenient and mobile operations, insurers are faced with finding ways to build out new tech stacks that will transform their business to better serve these needs. As the adoption of new technology continues, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on current trends and the opportunities they offer to gain a competitive advantage and create new growth opportunities. Here are three technology trends to watch in 2022 and how they’ll impact the insurance industry. 

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